Connecticut Hot Tub Maintenence Service

As a proud owner of a hot tub, you know that your spa system has tons of health benefits, is a wonderful and relaxing place to retreat to, and that it is great for hosting parties all year round! But while hot tubs are fantastic to own, they can also be difficult to maintain because they require constant care in the form of water treatments, replacement filters, and more. Not only do these necessary projects demand time and effort, they also need very specific products to ensure a thoroughly cleaned tub.
Fortunately, Pool & Water People of Connecticut can help! 

Expert Diagnoses

With our hot tub maintenance service, you can count on our professionals to properly diagnose any problems that may be occurring with your hot tub. If your tub is fluctuating in water temperature, appears cloudy or unclean, or you are noticing anything else unusual, it may just be in need of a good cleaning. Depending on further inspection, you may be in need of a hot tub repair service. No matter the issue, Pool & Water People of Connecticut can assist you with your hot tub needs.


With over forty years in the industry, you can be confident in our hot tub maintenance service. While we possess extensive knowledge of spa and pool systems, we also make client satisfaction our top priority. So, whether you need a simple cleaning or a more complex hot tub repair service, Pool & Water People of Connecticut will make sure that your hot tub is top-notch and ready to enjoy!

Contact us

If you would like to discuss your hot tub needs with one of the expert technicians at Pool & Water People of Connecticut, simply reach out to us by dialing (203) 799-8827 a professional is standing by.  

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